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Who we are – our team

Our team at orquidea IT Services GmbH considers itself as a professional IT service provider. Your IT is our passion.

Here at orquidea IT Services GmbH we work hard to constantly upgrade our know-how, keep track of new trends and technologies. We continuously receive trainings, attend workshops and thrive to be the best. This enables us to deliver “state-of-the art” solutions to our customers.

Let us face your challenge and we address it with an appropriate solution!

Our core skills include analytical and entrepreneurial thinking and we are team players. Values such as empathy in communication or in addressing issues are a key to success in any project. An innovative and professional approach completes our skills.

We are aiming at convincing clients to work with us through a high commitment and of course a fair play. Just talk to us, we promise to always find a satisfiable solution

Teamwork is our main priority. Without this it becomes a true challenge to fulfil goals such as “on time”, “quality” and “within budget”.

Hence we are proud of our reputation in the IT industry, having one of the highest success rates in projects.

We are looking forward to master your challenges together with you!

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our sales manager, Mr. Michael Müller and let’s rock the boat!

contact person:
Michael Müller
Phone: +49 6151 6292224