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Cloud Computing

In our fast-paced era we are faced with the constant need to change, adapt and deal with increasing demands and high pressure to meet tight deadlines.

This affects each job in a company and often requires a higher mobility of people. Knowledge, data and results have to be constantly available regardless if your employees work from home or are present in the office.

It becomes mandatory in our times to access data and applications through tablets and mobile phones basically whenever and wherever.

We have developed our Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions which we already have implemented with proven success in large and small environments. It is an all-in-one comprehensive solution, secure in a closed environment, safe and easy to handle.

Orquidea IT Services GmbH will be happy to assist you with the planning and implementation of such modern, secure and mobile cloud computing solutions. The technologies of cloud computing are integrated into the architecture of a server-based computing

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