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Industry 4.0 - The Digital Factory

The ubiquitous interaction of people, things and machines, featured in the buzzword “internet of things”, creates completely new production and working environments.

IT merges with production and telecommunication and wireless connections start to play a vital role.

One of the specialisations of Orquidea IT Services GmbH is this topic of wireless connections and the internet of things. Our vast expertise helps us to develop ideal solutions for our corporate clients.

According to your requirements we will have our consultants and architects design the ideal environment featuring technologies such as Wireless LAN, Mobile Communications, Bluetooth, Low Voltage Bluetooth, Mesh Networks, WirelessHART and Repeater technologies.

Certainly we always embrace future trends and we constantly research and update our know-how to include state-of-the-art products and the latest, most innovative wireless technologies such as LoRa.

Our expertise in Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) is the prerequisite for the design of an ideal solution. Industry 4.0 or the Internet of Things – welcome the fourth industrial revolution.

What we are seeing now is the complete changing and modification of entire industrial production processes. The global database, the sheer mass of information stored, is growing drastically.

Wireless connections are under constant pressure to meet higher download and upload speeds to meet the increasing demand of data volume. Data mining, meaning the analysis of all these data and the consequent use of this new data gained becomes key to success.

Our solutions are creating the foundation to master these challenges. Together with you we will start this exciting journey and develop a concept how to harvest and collect data, how to manage the internet-of-things and how to process the key data gained.

Industry 4.0, or as it is called the internet-of-things, means your production machines, your systems practically all your “things” will communicate with each other and exchange information, constantly. This is an automated process, the better you manage this, the more efficient your company will become. Furthermore, you will be more flexible in adapting to market needs and you will respond much faster to meet new demands in a timely manner.

We support you with our in-depth knowledge and accompany you on the way to your digital factory.

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