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Lifecycle Management

The increasing growth and importance of your IT-infrastructure requires an ever more focus on the life-cycle of its key components.

Contrary to the general assumption it is actually not cheaper to use IT hardware as long as possible. The support from the manufacturer is most often limited for a period of time and the same applies to software solutions as well, whereas critical updates are not issued anymore for certain software solutions. An up-to-date hard- and software environment is not only more powerful, it also works more efficiently, reduces electricity consumption, lowers the maintenance costs and significantly increases security and stability.

Therefore Orquidea IT Services GmbH offers its LifeCycle Management services to address, manage and solve those issues.

We will start by conducting an IT infrastructure assessment. This includes the hardware such as servers, server clients and the software used. Then we will analyse your service support agreements and evaluate their scope. According to the results of this analysis we will provide a recommendation which components of your IT infrastructure should be renewed during the ongoing year and the consecutive years.

Orquidea IT Services GmbH will be glad to assist you as well in the procurement process. We offer an on-demand service for small and medium sized companies as well.