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Project management

For more than fifteen years, project manager and project management officer of orquidea IT Services GmbH from Darmstadt in Hessen have been managing and supporting the projects of their customers.

The Project Managers and Project Management Officers of orquidea IT Services GmbH make your data migration, offshoring, sourcing and IT infrastructure projects a success.

In addition to experience in national projects, orquidea IT Services GmbH has extensive experience in international projects. orquidea IT Services GmbH provides these experiences in particular with projects with international external service providers from typical IT outsourcing regions such as India.

Better results through a Project Management Office

Your customers expect the best products and services. However, it is a constant challenge to achieve the best results in a global competitive environment.

Let us show you the significant savings potential which you can gain by investing into a Project Management Office while implementing new corporate strategies.

A Project Management Office becomes paramount as a strategic leverage. It enables your company to become more efficient hence it is the key to deliver measurable results.

Orquidea IT Services GmbH has set itself the goal of leading companies to success. We will be your partner in setting up your Project Management Office.

Let us start the journey and together we will successfully realise your projects.

PMO Project Management Office

A Project Management Office is the key to optimize workflows and activities

The goal of our Project Management Office is to successfully implement the project activities of a client in the desired quality and within a clearly defined scope, timeframe and budget.

The project management controls all activities in each project. The task of the Project Management Office is to support the project manager. All project related tasks such as reports, events, organisational affairs, project management training, skill-, knowledge- and risk management will be controlled and accomplished with our Project Management Office.

The Project Management Office is the core internal and external communication interface and it shapes and maintains the processes developed in the project. This leads to the optimisation of project resources, project activities and project results.

Our team is ready to implement your Project Management Office.

How does Project Management Office create added value for your company?


  • Optimise the productivity and efficiency of your projects
  • Reduce the cost of your projects
  • Focus on your important business objectives
  • Meet your budget goals
  • Increase the success rate of your projects
  • Enhance both the internal and external communication skills of your project teams
  • Better customer satisfaction
  • Build a knowledge database of project management skills
  • Enable knowledge transfer
  • Streamline processes and parameters to make your projects more comparable
  • Optimise and balance workload in your team to prevent overwork and sick leaves

More information about PMO in our brochure :
PMO Project Management Office

Project Management Office

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